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Flapjack Flipout is a rambunctious dexterity and memory race for 2-6 players. One player will draw and read out an order (like "1 Blueberry! 2 Chocolate!), followed by saying "Order In!" Then, you and your opponents need to grab a pancake as quickly as you can and place it on your griddle face down. Flip it over once to cook the other side and to see what kind of flapjack it is - but be careful not to drop it! Then take it off the griddle and store it face-down on the table. As soon as you think you can fill the order, ring that bell and flip only those flapjacks over to prove you cooked the right ones!

As soon as you think you can fill the current order, ring the bell! All play stops and the player that rang the bell must complete the order by revealing only the correct pancakes without first looking at their types.

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What People are Saying

"Flapjack Flipout is the perfect party-style game. It's easy to learn, has multiple mechanics that fit great together, and is an absolute blast." - David Gerrard, Junk Spirit Games

"Easy to learn and consistently fun, Flapjack Flipout rewards dexterity and quick thinking. Flipping feels fantastic." - Douglas Brinbury, Norwester Games

"Flapjack Flipout represents everything that's good about gaming. It brings a whole table of people together to share a wonderfully absurd task, and ends in smiles and laughs." - Mike Mullins, game designer

"Flapjack Flipout is a great dexterity party game that will immediately have you giggling and asking for more. Order up!" - Chris Glein, game designer

"It's flippin' great!" - Eric Chon, community manager, IndieMegabooth volunteer coordinator

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1 Copy of Flapjack Flipout

1 boxed copy of Flapjack Flipout.

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